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Finance Officer নিয়োগ দেবে FH Association (Cox's Bazar)

প্রতিষ্ঠানঃ FH Association (Cox's Bazar)

পদের নামঃ Finance Officer

Application Deadline: 10 Jun 2024

Vacancy: 01

Age: 25 to 50 years

Location: Cox's Bazar (Cox's Bazar Sadar)

Salary: Negotiable

Experience: 1 to 3 years

Published: 3 Jun 2024

Education: Master of Commerce (MCom) in Accounting


  • 1 to 3 years
  • The applicants should have experience in the following business area(s):
  • NGO, Development Agency

Additional Requirements

  • Age 25 to 50 years

Responsibilities & Context

This role will be to ensure the provision of quality assurance that all financial transactions relating to the work of FH Association (Food For The Hungry International) in the JRRP and country are processed. This would include receiving and paying invoices, dealing with expenses, processing donations, liaising with the bank and dealing with finance related procurement, HR, Admin and Program such as validating any cash advances and any other financial transaction processing.

Key Result #1: Financial Management, Treasury and Cash Section:     

  • To receive, create, and pay invoices and/or to work with other team members to do this as required.
  • Checking the bill, voucher and ensure the correct accounting record and payment of the field office following FH guideline.
  • Maintain daily checking of payment, receipt and disbursement including preparation of receipt, payment and  general journal vouchers.
  • Ensure proper documentation of all transactions and maintain files of all supporting documentation foraccounting entries.
  • Ensuring proper banking management system and maintain relationship with respective bank for field office to get the support in time. Reviewing and monitoring use of banking facilities in the field and identifying recommendations for any improvements that can ensure efficient banking services for the organization.
  • Ensuring the proper delegation of authority (LoA), bank signatory in terms of approval of the bill voucher, banking transaction etc.
  • Ensuring the internal control for processing the payment from bank following our FH policy.
  • Ensuring effective review and thorough checking of bank related payment request in line with the financial and       Taxation policy, taking initiative to query any missing documentation or unusual transactions; ensuring all-payments are processed and by finance in a timely way, to ensure they adhere to organizational policy and all-·       Taxation matters follow government rules and regulations.
  • Completing accurate preparation of voucher, cheque and fund transfer advice for all payments and advances, ensuring proper and complete supporting documentation, following finance policy in all respects, accurate coding and with approval from all relevant colleagues.
  • Ensuring all receipts of cheque and fund transfer are properly provided with receipt documentation and are banked and recorded in a timely way by following govt. policy.
  • Disburse cheques and payment advice in a timely way to payees with utmost accuracy and professionalism, proactively keeping close contact with bank and respective recipients so that partners and suppliers receive their funds timely, and any problems are minimized.
  • Ensuring bank book, bank reconciliation, Cash Reconciliation cheque register and understanding about the coding system and accounting record keeping system of FH.
  • Maintain Petty Cash and replenishment on time and ensure settlement with proper documentations accordingly as per the FH Financial manual.
  • Ensuring the proper data protection policy and financial transaction and record keeping as per the FH Policy and guidelines.
  • Ensuring adequate funds are available in bank accounts for Head office, field offices and partners in time tosupport smooth implementation of program activities.
  • Work with colleagues in Field Office to respond promptly to resolve any queries or questions. 

Key Result #2: Budgetary Control and Financial Reporting

  • Ensure compliance for each grant (Internal & external) in terms of financial reporting, budgeting and implementation.
  • Provide support for preparing the monthly financial report for each donor grant and share with the finance-Finance Manager with detailed analysis and recommendation.
  • Incorporate all feedback from the budget holders on the management accounts as and when required.
  • Working closely with the Finance Manager and Dhaka Office to have proper understanding about the management accounting.
  • Monitoring the project areas and ensure effective system of compliance and monitoring.
  • Closely work with the program, Procurement & logistics, HR and finance teams to identify the gaps and provide the necessary support for timely and accurate management of budgets. 

Key Result #3: Government Compliance, Internal Control and Audit Management

  • Support to facilitate the process for internal audit, external audit, government audit, NGAOB Audit for each grant following concern guideline, audit TOR in a timely manner with proper document and clarification so that it is-helpful for the grant management of the organization.
  • Preparing and calculation the staff salary tax, make govt tax challan and deposited to govt treasury then finally update into staff salary tax T-form reporting format and shared with HR to issue salary certificate easily.

Key Result #4: Volunteer Payroll Management   

  • Support to complete Physical cash distribution to field/camp with proper support and security.
  • Manage and facilitate the process for Bank payments to Volunteers each month.

Other Responsibilities·      

  • Key collaborative relationships: Project Director, Program Team, Procurement & Logistics Team, HR Team and Admin Team.
  • Knowledge and any idea sharing with team to develop capacity from the aspect of finance.
  • Perform any other duties assigned by the line supervisor and management when as needed. 

Skills & Expertise

  • Finance/ Accounts
  • Compensation & Other Benefits
  • Mobile bill, Weekly 2 holidays, Insurance

Workplace: Work at office

Employment Status: Contractual

Job Location: Cox's Bazar (Cox's Bazar Sadar)

Job Highlights: 

  • Job Level Specifications
  • Age minimum 25 years
  • Both males, females are allowed to apply, and Female are highly encouraged to apply.


  • 3 years relevant experiences and minimum 1 year direct role in FO in the response.

Company Information:

  • FH Association (Cox's Bazar)



The White House, Opposite to Police Lines, Between Bus Station and Dolphin Circle. Kolatoli, Cox's Bazar.


Food for the Hungry is an International Development agency aiming to end all forms of poverty. In 1972, Food for the Hungry (FH) began working in Bangladesh to end poverty altogether. Since then, FH has focused on community development including livelihoods, micro-lending, health, education, and disaster response resilience. Over 50 years, FH has partnered with Bangladeshi leaders and impoverished communities to create better living conditions.

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