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CFM Assistant - World Vision Bangladesh Rohingya Crisis Response (WV BRCR)

Company: World Vision Bangladesh Rohingya Crisis Response (WV BRCR)

Position: CFM Assistant

Application Deadline: 31 Mar 2024


Vacancy: 2

Location: Cox's Bazar (Ukhia)

Salary: Negotiable

Published: 25 Mar 2024

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Responsibilities & Context

Under the direct supervision of the Meal Officer and Matrix supervision of Nutrition Site Supervisor, the AAP/CFM Assistant is responsible for assisting in the day-to-day implementation of the Community Feedback and Response Mechanism. Under the guidance and supervision of the M&E Officer, CFM Assistant will receive, document, and respond to complaints, suggestions, queries and feedback from project beneficiaries, partners, and stakeholders. CFM Assistant will be responsible for documenting, analyzing, responding and report all complaints, suggestions, queries, and feedbacks promptly and effectively, while maintaining a high level of confidentiality and professionalism. CFM Assistant will contribute to the overall accountability, transparency, and quality of the project.

Assist the M&E Officer in working with program staff and beneficiaries to develop structure and methods for managing the complaints and feedback in the field as well as maintaining the integrity of information received.

Management of the CFM database by ensuring proper documentation and aggregation.

With support from the M&E Officer, ensure the collection of complaints and feedback across the response.

Analyze and prioritize the complaints according to their sensitivity.

Assist in program updates for the responsible management and internal information sharing.

Assist the M&E Officer with data collection processes if needed.

Categorize the complaints and feedback for analysis and reporting purposes. Update non-sensitive cases with the help of NSS and inform MEAL and M&E Officer when any sensitive complaints arise or receive.

Follow up with complainants to ensure satisfactory resolution and close the loop on complaints.

Escalate complex or unsolved complaints to the M&E Officer for further action.

Sensitize the community by regular message disseminating of Accountability to Affected Populations (AAP) and Complaint and Feedback Mechanism (CFM). Providing information of services through help desk.

Assist to conduct AAP sessions and monitoring. Support and conduct in Post Distribution Monitoring (PDM) of beneficiaries.

Support and conduct in Exit Interview for beneficiaries.

To motivate the field level staff and exercise team building activities to ensure good harmony within the team.

Ensure all staffs are well aware about the behavior and mannerism with the beneficiaries and stakeholders.

Report timely any problem related to staff management to the hierarchy.

Conduct AAP sessions among project beneficiaries to increase the awareness.

Increase the importance of AAP and CFM to the project staff on need basis.

Support the implementation of communication strategies to ensure the complaint and feedback mechanism is well-known and accessible to all.

Prepare regular reports on CFM, and resolution status for the project. Submit PDM, Exit Interview in KoBo/ODK platform.

Contribute to the development of comprehensive reports on the complaint and feedback mechanism for project reporting purposes.

Maintain and provide accurate and up-to-date records of CFM, PDM and Exit Interview.

Support the M&E Officer in data analysis related to CFM, PDM and Exit Interview, as required.

Maintain CFM register book as well as the KoBo/ODK format.

Maintain and provide detailed summary of AAP and CFM information/data to the program team during monthly and quarterly meetings/reports.

Collaborate with M&E Officer to address and resolve issues/queries effectively.

Liaise with program and operation to ensure prompt follow-up on feedback and complaints received.

Maintain coordination and collaboration with the donors/partners.

Assist with the implementation of program evaluations (data collection).

Share the insights and lessons learned from the complaint and feedback mechanism (CFM) with M&E Officer to enhance and improve the service.

Enhance the supervision of staff members involved in the management of beneficiary services. Support the M&E Officer in conducting assessments as needed.

Assist in handling, documenting, confidentiality, and security of all informational resources related to feedback and complaints from beneficiaries.

Prioritize keeping beneficiaries informed about the status of their submitted complaints, queries, suggestions, and feedback.

Management of the CFM database by ensuring proper documentation and aggregation of CFM data including complaints received, investigated, and responded.

Respect the dignity of the target groups, cares and members of the community.

Maintain and store a reporting file for monthly AAP, CFM, PDM and Exit Interview activity.

Support in decision-making and drive improvements in policies, procedures, and services.

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Compensation & Other Benefits

Mobile bill, Medical allowance, Weekly 2 holidays, Insurance

Festival Bonus: 1

Company Information

World Vision Bangladesh Rohingya Crisis Response (WV BRCR)


Sayeman Heritage Residence, Second Floor, Block - B, Sayeman Road, Baharchora, Cox's Bazar -4700

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